ISSRNS 2022 List of Posters
Oral Presentations Programme
No. Presenter
first name family name
Poster title
P. 1 Henryk Fiedorowicz Conceptual design of the optical system of the UV/VUV beam line for the PolFEL free electron laser
P. 2 Gabriela Imbir Physicochemical analysis of size-dependent gold nanoparticles for biomedical development
P. 3 Iwanna Jacyna Rapid structural transformations in metals after sub-ps pulsed laser annealing
P. 4 Anna Kot M-edges of X-ray absorption spectra of Er and Yb incorporated in TiO2 thin films for up-conversion assisted water splitting into green hydrogen
P. 5 Aldona Kubala-Kukuś Characterization of Ti, TiO2 and Au nanolayers implanted by highly charged Xe ions by application of synchrotron radiation based X-ray reflectometry and grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence
P. 6 Jerzy Kubacki The local environment and valency of chromium and copper ions in manganese doping CuCr2Se4 spinel
P. 7 Anna Mandziak DEMETER – Dual Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Beamline
P. 8 Michał Pająk Structural insights into decomposition mechanisms of selected porous materials used for molecular springs
P. 9 Edyta Piskorska-Hommel Structural and spectroscopic studies of the influence of Ga flux on the growth of graded p-AlGaN contact layers
P. 10 Marcin Rosmus Research potential of UARPES beamline
P. 11 Krystyna Schneider XAS study of vanadium pentoxide thin films
P. 12 Katarzyna Sowa PolyX at SOLARIS: layout and specification
P. 13 Joanna Stępień Comparison of 112 and 122 iron pnictides families from the perspective of XAS spectrosocopy
P. 14 Magdalena Szubka Soft X-ray Absorption and IR reflectivity study of selected materials from CaCoSinO2n+2 series
P. 15 Czesław Ślusarczyk X-ray study on crystalline morphology in iPP/MMT nanocomposite fibers
P. 16 Agnieszka Witkowska X-ray absorption as a potent tool in studies of proton-conducting cobalt-based perovskites
P. 17 Anna Wolska Poland in the ESRF - a new grant from the Ministry of Education and Science


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Director of IFJ PAN prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Lesiak
Director of NCBJ prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Kurek



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